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Care and maintenance

Wipe off all materials that could damage or tear the surface of the Aquapad. As with all products, it also applies for the Aquapad that lengthy periods of direct UV sunlight should be avoided in order to protect the surface and the colours of the product. UV rays destroy the surface and cause the surface to fade if the Aqualilypad is exposed to sunlight over a continuous period of several weeks.

For longer storage periods, remove the Aqualilypad from the water, let it dry fully and roll it up with the help of the Velco straps. Store the Aqualilypad at a location away from the water’s edge where it is protected against the elements.

Security information 

The Aqualilypad is desigend for use on a large water surface with a minimum depth of 30 to 35 centimeters. Make sure to attach the Aquapad well away from any boat traffic and areas with possible obstacles.

The Aquapad may not be towed or pushed by a boat. Towing my be dangerous and can damage the product.

The Aqualilypad should not be used as a swimming aid for unpractised swimmers. Children must be observed by an adult at any time when playing with the Aquapad.

Whenever an ideal, secure location for fastening the Aqua Pads has been found, attach the elastic band to the mooring area or your anchor. Should you choose to leave the Aqualilypad in the water for a longer period,we  suggest that you attach a visible buoy or flag.

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Fun on the Water and Relaxation Family Image

Fun on the Water and Relaxation

AquaLilyPad the floating foam island can carry up to 10 persons depending on its size. No tedious inflating - just roll it up and off into the water. Like a raft the water mat is ready for use immediately, be it for a family adventure or to chill with friends or to relax on a deck chair.
Playground or Water Sports Family Image

Playground or Water Sports

For children the water mat is an ideal water toy in the lake. For water sports fans, the foam island is also suitable for a water-ski or diving break in the middle of the water. Try it out and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the water on the AquaLilyPad.
Best Quality from America Family Image

Best Quality from America

AquaLilyPad, a high quality product made in America. The Pad is made of cross-linked polyethylene foam and does not require any further additives or air to lie on water. It is therefore easy to care for and maintain.