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Above Ground Pools

What could be better than getting into a pool on the hot days of summer? Having your Grandkids come over & get in too!
What do you do right now to cool down in the summer? Pack up towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, bugspray, lunch, etc. get the kids in the car, find a beach at a lake that is already packed with other people trying to do the same thing. Is that lake as clean as you think? Are there chiggers, leaches, algae, scummy water? Or do you sit in an air-conditioned house, when you could be enjoying the outdoors?
Wouldn’t you rather step into your own pool that you know is clean? How about having a pool ready in an afternoon? We have the solution! Tuff Pools. The best above ground pool for your family.

Buy today, Swim today!

Tuff pools come in a variety of sizes & can be assembled in a couple of hours without any tools! You can be filling the pool the day you get it.

  • The Tuffest liner around – Polyester Reinforced – lifetime warranty
  • Extra UV protectant added to the material
  • Tuff pools have an interconnected frame for maximum strength
  • Solid flexible corners
  • Galvanized steel support straps, not vinyl like other pools
  • Easy to put up, easy to take care of, easy to take down if you move

Or, Optimum Pools give you the best of both worlds: You get a durable, attractive, and (relatively) permanent swimming pool – for less than you’d pay for a traditional inground pool.